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Cape from Sheinside, Scarf from Zara

There are things people only say to each other in the dark. 

Dress from Zara

There are forests in my backyard. I love the trees and the falling leaves. I forgive winter for not snowing this year. It was freezing when I took these pictures.

This is a tentative first step at creating a fashion blog. It's something I've wanted to do for years but various things kept putting me off. Now I'm armed with a proper camera and (still) hoards of clothes that don't fit in my wardrobe (I moved to France, bringing only a scattering of my belongings but still somehow managed to get exploding closet syndrome again)

One of my favourite items this winter is my button down cardigan I got from Zara. The buttons are down the back which is the best part. I love little details like that, added to something so classic but with a twist. 

To all my past readers, I will still be posting my writing but it will be along with pictures. I hope you don't mind and I've missed you xxxx